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Incident IQ to Replace iSupport Starting June 17.

On June 17, the Division of Technology will be moving to a new ticketing and technology asset system called Incident IQ. The ability for staff to email the helpdesk or use iSupport for technology support will no longer be available after June 14.

Technology Downtime Schedule for 2023-24

View a calendar of scheduled technology-related downtime maintenance days for 2023-24.

Infinite Campus Procedures for Clerks & Registrars (APS Google Account Required)

GoToConnect phone system

Instructions for how to set up voicemail: https://support.goto.com/connect/help/how-do-i-add-a-voicemail-greeting

General GoToConnect help website for looking up questions:

Beware of Email Phishing Scams

Spam or phishing email is becoming more sophisticated. From time to time, you may receive an email requesting you to update your password or other confidential information. Often there is a link within this email which collects information such as passwords. The signature within this email may look official.