Maintenance and Operations Mission Statement

To provide safe, well-maintained, and comfortable facilities, that complement and promote our dynamic learning environments.

The Maintenance and Operations Department (M&O) plays a vital role in the Aurora Public Schools (APS) District mission to accelerate learning for every APS student every day. The Maintenance & Operations professionals strive daily to ensure safe, adaptable and highly functional learning environments for the students, as well as spaces designed for outdoor learning, extra-curricular activities, and APS sponsored events. We are professionals - professional custodians, mechanics, schedulers, specialists, technicians, managers and more. Take pride in yourself and your trade. By focusing on our mission, and by conducting ourselves professionally at all times, our Maintenance and Operations Department serves as a model for other Maintenance and Operations departments throughout Colorado.

The Maintenance and Operations Department [M&O] is led by the Director of Maintenance and Operations, Luis Arroyo. He is assisted by Julie Rapone, Assistant to Director (303-367-3000 Ext. 28662). The department consists of approximately 300 full time/year round staff. Our department is responsible for maintaining 5,140,110 building square feet.

Through a diverse work group, the Department is further specialized; Custodial Operations, Exterior Operations, Life Safety Systems, Maintenance Operations, Energy & Building Optimization, and Support Staff.

Our hours of operations are 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM for Support, Monday thru Friday. You can reach the department by calling 303-367-3000. For emergency work requests, please call 303-326-1199 or extension 28300.

M&O Organization Chart

M&O Facility Complex Extensions

Maintenance Zone Maps