The Central Language Services Office (CLSO) team offers a variety of interpretation and translation services and resources for district-wide needs. Please use the menu above or the icons below to learn more about us and our resources, to make a request for a particular service or to contact us.



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Telephone Interpretation

Schools and departments are still responsible for having their own accounts and paying for services out of their interpretation and translation budgets. However, the CLSO will supplement needs throughout the district by providing support for setting up accounts, troubleshooting, training, funding if needed and following up with vendors if there are any problems or concerns. For more information, click here.

Interpretation requests

All interpretation requests should be sent through the CLSO.

SPANISH- Interpreters should not be contacted directly. CLSO staff will coordinate interpreters for schools. Schools will still need to pay for services out of their interpretation/translation budgets. Please send conference, workshop, parent coffee and any other planned event dates requiring interpreters to the CLSO as soon as possible. CLSO staff will schedule interpreters and plan for high-demand dates throughout the district.

LANGUAGES OTHER THAN SPANISH (LOTS)- CLSO staff will contract with agencies or multilingual interpreters/independent contractors to coordinate interpreters for schools. Quick codes must be provided by the requestor at the school at the time of the request and/or invoices must be paid out of the school's interpretation/translation budget.

Translation requests

SPANISH- Spanish translation will be provided by CLSO staff at no cost to schools for communications such as principal letters, incidents, or any information related to student health and safety. For other documents such as: school handbooks, newsletters, event invitations, sillabi, permissions slips, etc… the school should cover the cost of these translations out of their translation/interpretation budgets.

LANGUAGES OTHER THAN SPANISH (LOTS)- Translation requests in languages other than Spanish should also be submitted to the CLSO and not to external agencies. The CLSO will negotiate rates, timelines and provide feedback on translations to agencies. Once again, schools will be responsible for paying for services out of their interpretation/translation budgets.


STAFF- CLSO staff will provide free training to school and district staff on using current language services resources as well as on how to request interpretation or translation services.

DISTRICT-APPROVED INTERPRETERS- CLSO staff will provide ongoing training for interpreters and will keep files on training sessions attended, positive and negative feedback from staff and families, and types of interpretation provided. This information will be used when assignments are sent out. Interpreters who have completed training and received positive feedback will be the first to be considered for assignments.