Retirement or work

Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA)

  • All Aurora Public Schools employees contribute to PERA .
    • Currently employees contribute 10.5% of their pre-tax monthly income and the district currently contributes 20.9%..
    • Effective July 1, 2022 employees will contribute 11% and the district will contribute 21.4%
  • When you retire, your monthly PERA benefit is a combination of your age and your years of service. It is currently calculated on the average of your highest 3 years of service.
  • If you resign, you may withdraw your contribution in cash, leave it in PERA until such time that you are with another PERA employer, or roll the funds into another qualifying plan.
  • To change your personal information with PERA, please visit, complete the form and return it to the APS Benefits office.
  • Attention- Those planning to retire in the next three years: Currently, PERA suggests if you are planning to retire in the next three years, you may want to change your medical and dental deductions from pre-tax to after-tax dollars.You have the option to elect pre-tax or after-tax deductions in the Gallagher
  • This short video helps explain what PERA is and what it means for new employees or visit for more information
  • For help with your PERA forms, please visit

This and other information regarding PERA may be found at