Under Colorado Statute, all employers are required by law to have workers' compensation insurance. The cost of this insurance is paid entirely by the employer.

The Division of Insurance has approved APS to be self-insured for our workers' compensation insurance. We do carry excess insurance to cover those larger, unfortunate claims that happen. We are currently in a Joint School District insurance pool with Cherry Creek, Littleton and Boulder Valley School Districts. Our claims are handled by a Third Party Administrator (TPA). The Risk Manager and the TPA adjuster work hand in hand ensuring our employees get the necessary, reasonable, and related medical care they need, in addition to any applicable wage loss benefits.

When an employee is injured, regardless of the need for medical care, a first report of injury MUST be filed. District policy states that all claims be reported to Risk Management immediately, but no later than 24 hours.

When medical care is needed, APS has four designated workers' compensation providers that the employees can seek treatment. You must bring your APS ID to the medical clinic. Initial visits are on a walk-in basis. You may schedule any follow up appointment to be seen (which will help decrease your wait time) or go as a walk-in. You should discuss the recommended process for their respective location. Your personal medical provider is not an authorized workers' compensation provider. Any work restrictions provided by your own medical provider for a work injury, will not be considered and you will be required to see one of our designated providers to determine any necessary work restrictions.

If the designated provider places the injured employee on work restrictions, it is the requirement of the employee to give those restrictions to their supervisors the same day in which the doctor provided the restrictions. The supervisor will make a determination if those restrictions can be safely accommodated. If the restrictions cannot be accommodated, the supervisor should contact Risk Management to advise them the employee is unable to work.

While off work, the supervisor and the employee should have weekly phone check in calls to see how the employee is progressing.

Throughout the claim, Risk Management will work with the supervisor, the employee and the Third Party Administrator to ensure the claim is going as it should. If there are any concerns or questions, Risk Management should be called.