The District currently has over $1 billion dollars' worth of property assets. This includes our buildings, contents, vehicles and mobile equipment.

With the increased insurance rates and the increase in property values, securing insurance for this amount of assets in today's environment is challenging.

We ask all of our employees to treat and value our District property as if it were their own property.

APS sees a significant amount of vandalism every year to our property. If you know who may have caused any vandalism to our property, please let Risk Management know. In addition, if the school receives a letter from the District Attorney's office regarding possible restitution against the responsible parties, please send that letter to Risk Management immediately. If you get a call from the DA's office, please direct them to Risk Management.

APS property insurance generally does not cover the following types of losses:

  • Damage to or theft of personal autos or personal items on school property

  • Unless the loss is specifically caused by Aurora Public Schools.

Losses should be reported to your automobile insurance carrier or homeowners' insurance carrier, whichever is applicable.