Governmental Immunity § 24-10-106. Immunity and partial waiver

Under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, public entities shall be immune from liability in all claims for injury, which lie in tort or could lie in tort regardless of whether that may be the type of action or the form of relief typically chosen. Under the Act, there are specific conditions or situations where this immunity could be waived.

Currently APS is in an insurance purchasing group called Excess Loss Self-Insured Pool with Littleton Public Schools and Colorado Springs School District 11. We are currently insured up to $5M in limits with a $250K deductible per occurrence.

It is the responsibility of all of us to keep APS financially secure in preventing liability occurrences. If you see a hazard, do not ignore it. Do what you can to rectify the hazard or contact the building administrator with your concerns. If you see someone doing something they should not be doing, i.e. acting improperly with students or other staff, saying or posting defamatory information about APS, etc., please reach out to your superior. If for any reason you are not comfortable discussing the information with your superior, please reach out to Risk Management for further assistance.

All accidents and incidents need to be reported to Risk Management timely and on the appropriate forms, which allows Risk the opportunity to gather facts, when they are fresh in your mind, and complete a liability investigation.

Schools should not deal directly with someone making a liability claim against the District. This information should be sent to Risk Management and Risk will handle it in conjunction with our legal team, if needed.


  • Visitor/Public Bodily Injury Claims
  • Visitor/Public Property Damage Claims
  • Student Injury Claims


  • American Disability Act (ADA)
  • Discrimination
  • Employment Claims
  • Wrongful Acts
  • Wrongful Termination

Questions should be directed to Peter Hallez, Risk Manager at (303) 326-3189, x. 28412 or [email protected].