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Aurora Public Schools is part of the School Health Services Medicaid program and we are able to seek reimbursement from Health First Colorado (Medicaid). Reimbursement is granted based on Medicaid eligible students who have an IEP or other plan of care who receive health and medical services while at school. Service providers for students include school district nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, mental health providers, and paraeducators.

Our Mission and Values

The Medicaid Department is committed to serve all APS students equally by reducing the gap of unmet health needs across our district and it is our mission to serve all with compassion and
empathy. We value transparency, accountability and collaboration with different departments and external stakeholders. All students should have access to medical services and additional
resources to improve their health and lifestyle. Healthy Kids, better future!

How do we use the reimbursement funds?

It’s used to provide expanded health services to all students throughout the district. Aurora Public Schools has to use these funds in accordance with our Local Service Plan to provide students with vision/hearing screenings, Health First Colorado (Medicaid) enrollment assistance for families, access to medication/dental services for uninsured families, purchasing specialized transportation busses, among many other accomplishments.

The Importance of Parent Consents

In order to claim reimbursement from Health First Colorado (Medicaid), a parent or guardian must have a signed and dated “Medicaid Reimbursement Parental Consent” on file. This form is signed at your child’s initial IEP meeting and is a one-time form that is only signed once. Granting permission to Aurora Public Schools to access your child’s Medicaid benefits will NOT impact the services you receive from Medicaid outside of school. Below is our brochure from the Colorado Department of Education with further information on the Colorado School Health Services Medicaid program.

Parents Guide to Colorado School Health Services Program