City of Aurora - Homeless Services Resource Guide

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Basic needs such as shelter, food, laundry, clothing, medical help, benefits, youth services and child care.

Arapahoe County - ArapaSOURCE

ArapaSOURCE is Arapahoe County's new web application for quickly finding the resources you need closest to you quickly.

Numerous resources are available at your fingertips, from food assistance to veteran's services, financial services and substance abuse, and much more.

Energy Outreach Colorado


Energy Outreach Colorado was established in 1989, and we believe everyone deserves affordable access to the vital resources that power their
homes. When everyone can afford and maintain their home, then they can focus on living, rather than merely surviving.

The Free Market at Elevation Website

"The Free Market is a grocery store with no cash registers. As you arrive, you will sign in and receive a number. When it is your turn to shop, a volunteer
accompanies you through the Market where you choose the food that will best meet your needs." Be prepared with an ID so we know where you are from and
when you come the first time documents will need to be filled out before you are able to shop at the Free Market.

Aurora Community Health -Salud Family Health Center


We are here to provide quality, affordable primary health care services to
you and your family. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, CHP+, and most private insurance plans. Salud offers a sliding fee payment scale based on family size and income. Insurance
enrollment assistance is available.


If you do not currently have internet access at home, but live in a Comcast area, you can sign up for the Internet Essentials service.

This service is available to all qualified households for $9.95/month. To sign up, visit The accessible website also includes the option to video chat with

customer service agents in American Sign Language. There are also two dedicated phone numbers: 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.



Free carpool program helps connect families that need rides to school.