Special Education Advisory Council "SEAC"

SEAC is an education and advisory entity within Aurora Public Schools. Members can include parents and caregivers of students with an Individual Education Program (IEP), students, administrators and staff. Joining SEAC will bring you into the loop' about District changes as well as with Exceptional Student Services. As a group you will be asked for feedback on a variety of issues. SEAC also organizes family education events such as the Resource Fair and Family Education seminars learning issues specific to Special Education. YOU are invited to become a member of SEAC.


  • To improve outcomes by serving in an advisory capacity.
  • To help students and parents increase understanding of the IEP process, their role in the process, and how this process benefits the student's education.
  • To inform students, parents, and school personnel of the legal rights and responsibilities for educating students with special needs.
  • To inform students and parents of new programs and policy changes affecting students with disabilities.

5 Reasons to Join SEAC

(from current SEAC members)

  1. Great place to connect and network with other families and school personnel.
  2. Learn skills to empower yourself to advocate for your child and others.
  3. Be part of decision making and finding solutions for families with disabilities
  4. Be an example for your school and community by gaining confidence and knowledge to share with other families.
  5. Help plan for special projects and educational events.

For more information call or email:

Rachael Browning, MA
Director of Student Services
Aurora Public Schools
[email protected]
Office: 303-340-0510 ext 28310

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