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About CLDE

CLDE is a support service designed to assist the building staff in developing research-based and integrated instructional programs that focus on the linguistic, academic, and cultural needs of the limited English-speaking student.  Oral language development and literacy skills along with instruction in the content area are emphasized.  The instructional models implemented are based on the respective needs of each site, the community, and the students.


We believe that ALL students should receive equitable and appropriate instructional support since these students reflect our community.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to educate all students and respect their cultural legacies and linguistic skills.

We are committed to promoting English language acquisition and ensuring academic achievement in inclusive schools that are culturally and linguistically diverse.  This is accomplished through a strong collaborative process based on solid and current research, sustained through evaluation, reflection, and revision, to ensure growth for all students.

CLDE Instructional Resources for Staff

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This website is maintained by Michelle Schnetter, CLDE Assistant.  If you have questions or concerns regarding anything contained on this website, email Michelle at [email protected]