2016 Bond Program Wraps Up: Thank You, Aurora Voters!
Posted on 09/14/2023

Aurora voters approved a $300 million bond measure in 2016 to make improvements at every school across Aurora Public Schools. This investment allowed the district to provide approximately $280 million for building improvements and nearly $20 million for technology enhancements. The capital improvement plan began in 2017 and officially wrapped up major bond projects in 2023. 

2016 Bond Program New Construction Highlights

Specifically, Aurora Public Schools used these bond funds to:

  • Address the most pressing facility repair and maintenance needs;

  • Build security vestibules at older schools to better control access to buildings; 

  • Upgrade safety and security equipment in school buildings;

  • Upgrade and strengthen the district's technology network and infrastructure;

  • Improve the learning environments of every district-operated school through a building replacement, a whole-building remodel and addition, or a building renewal project;

  • Fund three school building replacements; 

  • And construct four new educational facilities to expand greater educational opportunities for students and families across the City of Aurora.

Visit aurorak12.org/bond to read our final report that highlights the full scope of the work and impact of the 2016 Bond Program.

In Aurora Public Schools, we believe in providing equitable access to learning opportunities, technology and high-quality environments that support students in powering their full potential. We are grateful to our community for their support in ensuring every student shapes a successful future. Thank You, Aurora Voters!