2024-25 District Conventional Calendar Now Available
Posted on 02/07/2024
2024-25 District Conventional Calendar Now Available! Visit aurorak12.org/calendars


Pashto Tigrinya

APS Community:

We are pleased to release the 2024-25 district conventional calendar!

In fall 2023, APS convened a Calendar Committee that included APS parents, staff and community members. At the Feb. 6 APS Board of Education meeting, the committee recommended a calendar that is responsive to supporting student achievement.

The Board approved the calendar at the Feb. 6 meeting. Below are a few highlights for the 2024-25 school year. Please note that the dates listed here are student non-contact days combined with each break. Non-contact days are when students have no classes and no contact with staff. We encourage staff to view their contracted days listed on their specific conventional work calendars, which will be posted online here when they are finalized over the next few weeks.

  • First Days of School: Students in grades 1-12 will have a simultaneous start on Aug. 7. As we have done in the past, preschool and kindergarten students will start school the following week on Aug. 13.
  • Fall Break: We will have a full-week Fall Break from Oct. 11-20.
  • Thanksgiving Break: Students will be on Thanksgiving Break from Nov. 27-Dec. 1.
  • Winter Break: Winter Break will be from Dec. 20-Jan. 7.
  • Spring Break: We will have a full-week Spring Break from March 7-16.
  • Last Days of School: The last day of school for preschool students will be May 21. The last day of school for students in grades K-12 will be May 22.

Please note that individual school calendars may vary. Check with your child’s school for specific calendar information. More detailed information on graduation dates will be available at a later time and we will update the calendar accordingly. To stay updated on district, event and staff calendars, visit the calendar page of our website. 

We are only releasing a calendar for one school year, which is a change from our normal procedure of releasing calendars for two school years at a time. This is because we recognize that there may be possible areas of improvement to allow for more timely professional development throughout the year. We also want to take feedback from families into account before we consider making any significant changes. Thus, our Calendar Committee will continue to meet this year. Then in the fall, we will work to engage our community in redesigning a calendar that is truly best for meeting the needs of our students, staff and families.

We look forward to the new 2024-25 calendar supporting us in helping every student shape a successful future. Thank you for your continued support.


Michael Giles, Jr., Superintendent
Aurora Public Schools