Communication Department
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us promote a new program or initiative at our school or department?

We work with schools and departments to develop communication and marketing plans including message development for key academic programs and APS initiatives.

Can you help us inform our community about the new bond project at our school?

We can help with bond project communication including letters, newsletter articles, fact sheets and other communication tools regarding new school construction and bond improvements at each school site. We also assist schools with organizing community meetings and events related to bond improvements.

What kind of publications can you help us with publishing for our school or site?

We help draft letters, newsletter articles and other communication tools for specific sites regarding school events and meetings, etc. Stories about APS students, staff and community members are featured on the APS website and in other publications, including the Aurora Sentinel back page.

When we have an incident at our school, what kind of help can you provide?

We provide schools and sites assistance with incident response, including talking points, scripts, parent/staff letters and media response.

News media is showing up at our school or site. What should I do?

If news media or photographers show up at your school or site, please follow the steps in our Staff Media Protocol.

How do you share with the Aurora community all the great things that are happening in APS?

We highlight APS' unique academic programs to our community through many online and print communications. Members of the communication team represent APS on key internal and community organizations and committees

We would like to promote a new program. We also need help speaking with news reporters when they come to our school. Can you provide assistance in this area?

We actively pitch good news stories about APS and hold news conferences on key announcements and initiatives. We also provide media response, including preparation of media statements and training of staff spokespeople. If reporters contact you, or if you have a story that you wish to promote, please contact APS the APS Communication Department at 303-365-7805 or [email protected].

Can you help us in updating our school's website?

We design and maintain the content on the APS website and provide assistance with school and departmental websites. Contact the APS Web Manager 303-326-2176 or [email protected].

How can I get a story published about a great event that took place at our school?
Please submit your good news stories and upcoming events here.