APS Communication Department

Division of the Superintendent
Educational Services Center 1
15701 E. 1st Ave., Suite 208
Aurora, CO 80011

Main Office: 303-365-7805
Fax: 303-326-1939

Elizabeth Terrones, Interpretation Services Coordinator (for school or department interpretation needs)
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 720-607-9380 ext: 28486

Abigail Molina Chavez, Student Language Services Coordinator (for ESS interpretation needs)
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 720-765-3155 ext: 28728

Anna Huerta-Giralt, Translation Services Coordinator (for written translation only)
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 720-456-5049 ext: 28406

Efrén Ortiz, Language Services Supervisor (for general questions)
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 303-995-6927 ext: 28495