Every APS student will have a COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT.

Students will identify, develop, and connect with their community of support to help bring their plans to life. A Community of Support includes people inside and outside of schools that invest in a student's growth and development needed to accomplish their plan.

Community of Support

Community of Support Examples

The following provide some examples of who might be included, how they might provide support, and in what areas they might support students connected to their plans:

  • A student's Community of Support could include the following people from inside or outside of the school: teachers, coaches, APS staff members, peers, families, community organizations, religious groups, businesses, higher education institutions, etc.

  • A student's Community of Support can invest in them through experiences and opportunities such as mentorship, sponsorship or providing resources, volunteering, sharing talents, skills and knowledge, as well as providing encouragement and a sense of belonging.

  • A student's Community of Support can invest in a student's growth and development as it relates to their achievement of their plan, such as career interests; career development skills; college choice and future educational pursuits; academic content knowledge and skills; social emotional skills; Colorado Essential Skills; basic needs and awareness of and access to new opportunities, among other areas that support achieving of their plan.