Our Mission

Support student learning with excellent facilities that are delivered on time and provide the best value for scarce public funds. Guard the health and safety of staff and students, and protect the environment of our community through careful compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Who are we?School Zone

The Construction Management & Support Department consists of 1 Director, 2 Department Managers, 4 Project Managers, 1 Director's Assistant, 2 Design & Construction staff and 3 Environmental Compliance staff.

The responsibilities of our department

The Construction Management & Support Department is responsible for all aspects of district construction projects and for ensuring compliance with environmental and health laws.

There are two branches within the Construction Management and Support Department:

  • Design & Construction Branch: This unit is engaged in long-range planning, design and construction of new schools and of projects to repair and improve existing school buildings to meet the facility needs of the district today and in the future.
  • Environmental Compliance Branch: Protects the health and safety of students and staff by ensuring compliance with a wide range of local, state, and federal environmental and health laws and regulations.