The Mental Health and Counseling Department has a focus on equitable practices, neuro-biologically sensitive interventions, and support for staff and students. Our coaching teams include Sustainable Wellness, Team Support, AWARE, Neurosequential Model for Individual Students, and Neurosequential Model for Systems.

Mission and Vision

The Mental Health and Counseling vision is to embed social-emotional and mental health supports into academic content and educational environments, ensuring that every student shapes a successful future.

The mission of the Department of Mental Health and Counseling is to foster culturally competent, wellness-focused services that promote social-emotional development, and to address challenges to mental wellness so that students can successfully pursue their post-secondary goals.

Department Goals

  1. Cultural responsiveness is intentionally built in the foundation of our services, supports, and systems.

  2. Staff and students can access data, plan, and monitor progress to ensure student success.

  3. Mental health services are blended between general education and special education, utilizing the skills of the school counselor, school social worker, and school psychologist to create a comprehensive, school-wide SEL, mental health, and behavior support system.


We are Aurora Public Schools. We are a community of cultivators, creators, and inspirational leaders who believe in the power of the collective genius.

Together we generate powerful and equitable learning outcomes for ALL. This is no ordinary district.

We believe that Educational Equity ensures that all children--regardless of circumstances--are receiving high-quality, grade-level, and standards-aligned instruction with access to high-quality materials and resources.


We are ❶ne Aurora and we are creating the future.

Our Belief

Studies show that the rate of educators' compassion fatigue and burnout is increasing. That is why APS has responded with a sustainable wellness strategy for staff. We believe that supporting our Mental Health and Counseling professionals is critical to compassion satisfaction.

Adults who are able to have attuned interactions with youth are internally regulated. And so, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure the wellness of our staff.

Ethical Responsibilities

Our Community

APS is located in Aurora, one of the most diverse cities in Colorado. Our beautiful city, dubbed "Gateway to the Rockies", neighbors Denver and is an approximate one-hour drive from The Rocky Mountains. We enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine and rank in the top 10 cities for healthcare.

Our city is a premier destination made rich by immigrants, refugees, new citizens, and life-long residents thriving individually and collectively. In APS, we believe diversity is our strength and we are dedicated to equity in education. Our students, families, staff, and community members represent many races, nationalities, religions, and cultures that provide students a world of learning.

Aurora is an All-American City that is home to:

  • More than 400 ethnic restaurants

  • Breweries, three reservoirs, thriving nightlife, shopping, cultural centers, and more!

  • 10 distinctive golf courses, national youth and adult sports tournaments

  • The world-class Anschutz Medical Campus

We are One Aurora and we are shaping the future!

Our District

APS is the fifth largest school district in Colorado with one of the most diverse student populations. Our students come from more than 130 countries and speak more than 160 languages. With nearly 40,000 students at 65 schools, our more than 5,000 expert and caring staff members are dedicated to helping every student succeed.

In APS, we believe families, staff, and community members share the responsibility for student achievement. We work together as "One Aurora" to provide culturally-relevant and rigorous learning experiences that help every student reach their full potential.

We are a district that reaches new levels of success year after year. Over the past five years, the APS Mental Health and Counseling department has built innovative systems and structures that enrich the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our students and staff.

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