Differentiated Support Structures

Differentiated Support Structures offer a new way of looking at the organizational risks that impact our schools and how we can differentiate supports for our schools based on these risks. By prioritizing the organizational risks for each school, we can classify each school for different levels of targeted support.

  • Universal (Blue) Schools show fewer organizational risks and have more autonomy.
  • Targeted (Green) Schools show some organizational risks and can apply for some additional district resources with less autonomy.
  • Intensive (Orange) Schools show a high number of organizational risks and qualify for a higher level of district resources that are managed at the district level with less school autonomy.

In the fall, we provided our targeted (Green) and intensive (Orange) schools with the opportunity to apply for additional resources that address their specific organizational risks. You may view a summary of the current round of resource applications below.

We are also implementing specific district-directed supports to identified schools with certain risk factors. You may also view the list of distirct-directed supports below.

We will continue to explore unique ways of supporting our Differentiated Support Structures, including the autonomies that are available to our universal (Blue) schools.