Portability and Disagreement Procedures 


Review Team Process

The Advanced Academics and Gifted Services office takes a team approach when it comes to identifying gifted students. The team uses a body of evidence (BOE) upon which to base the determination. The evidence includes identification assessment results, parental input and multiple types of measures and data sources.

The review team examines the body of evidence and may make one or more of the following determinations:

  • Move to formal gifted identification
  • Identify student for a talent development pool*
  • Select new tools to collect additional data
  • Determine data does not support identification at this time
  • Determine a student may need to be referred for special education assessment in addition to his/her gifted identification (twice-exceptional students)


* A talent development pool is defined as a group of students who demonstrate an advanced or even exceptional ability in a particular area, but at this time do not meet the criteria for gifted identification. Often students in a talent pool are provided advanced or gifted programming services. As students are presented with additional levels of challenge and rigor, increased achievement may occur. A student may meet the criteria for gifted identification at a later date.



Aurora Public Schools follows the Colorado Department of Education guidelines for portability. Therefore, a student's state approved identification in one or more categories of giftedness will transfer to our district according to the Exceptional Children's Education Act (ECEA) as long as identification meets national standards for identification. 


Disagreement Procedures

Parents may appeal a decision by asking for the reconsideration of the body of evidence. Parents should submit a letter to the Principal outlining the nature of the concern, and with supporting documentation attached.  The parent must provide evidence that the child‘s knowledge, skills, and abilities are superior to age and grade level peers. Testing from an outside source will be considered, but Aurora Public Schools is not responsible for any costs incurred if a parent chooses to obtain information this way. The Principal and/or the Director of Advanced Academics will convene a meeting with the parent/guardian, and the appeal committee to review the appeal request. The Principal or the Director of Advanced Academics will issue a written final decision within 30 days of the appeal. This written notice will include the reason(s) for the decision.  The decision of the appeal committee is final.