The Medicaid Department phone number is 303-326-1485.

Office Staff

Leticia Call

Leticia Call, Director of Medicaid Services: ext. 28535

I am Leticia, the director of the Medicaid Department at Aurora Public Schools. I have been with Aurora Public Schools since 2021. I am from Brazil but Denver is home since 2013. I am a board member of the Youth Healthcare Alliance. I love spending time with my family and training for triathlon races.

Dulline Ibarra

Dulline Ibarra, Medicaid Project Manager: ext. 28543

I have been working at Aurora Public Schools for three years. I am a former Aurora Public Schools student who graduated from Aurora Central H.S. When I am not at work, I enjoy photographing nature and capturing candid moments.

Laura Ahlf

Laura Ahlf, Medicaid Secretary (EzMedMed & RMTS): ext. 28528

I have worked at Aurora Public Schools for 22 years. I am a proud Hinkley H.S. alumni, class of ‘84. I like to go to museums, the movies, reading and taking my dogs for walks.

Linda Blassingame

Linda Blassingame, Medicaid Transportation Secretary: ext. 28536

I have worked at Aurora Public Schools for 23 years. I enjoy leisure, relaxation, traveling and watching Netflix.

Dalila Karr

Dalila Karr, Outreach Enrollment Specialist: ext. 28539

I have been in the district for 17 years this December. I love spending time with my family and traveling. On the weekends, I LOVE being a soccer mom.

Liz Ocasio

Liz Ocasio, Outreach Enrollment Specialist: ext. 28537

I have been at Aurora Public Schools for over 20 years. I provide case management to students and their families to help them access services such as Medicaid, vision dental, mental health and more. My main service is to provide an optimal educational experience to all students. I love reading, music, salsa dancing and spending time with people I love. I'm a Latin from Manhattan.

rosa isela perez

Rosa Isela Perez, Outreach Enrollment Specialist: ext. 28965

I am Rosa Isela Perez, Outreach Specialist for Medicaid. I have served the Aurora Public School community for 16 years. I enjoy life, having fun, mindfulness and reading. Family union, harmony and serving others are my main focus. Long live the family and our team!

¡Viva la familia y nuestro equipo!

aquel trujillo

Raquel Trujllo, Outreach Enrollment Specialist: ext. 28366

Hola, my name is Raquel Trujillo. I have been with APS for almost 19 years. I truly enjoy being a Liaison because I love helping people. I strongly believe that we are a community and as a community we must come together for the success of our students- your children, our future. I love to hang out with my sons, friends and dance in my spare time.