Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education Department

CLDE Teacher Leaders

In APS, CLDE Teacher Leaders are site-based and promote building-level leadership by providing professional development to teachers, acting as model teachers of demonstration classrooms, and serving as advocates for identified Multilingual Learners (MLLs).

To grow as learners, leaders, and advocates, CLDE Teacher Leaders have multiple opportunities to attend and receive ongoing professional development in order to cultivate their own understanding and build their teachers capacity within their building.  CLDE Teacher Leaders attend monthly meetings hosted by the CLDE Department staff and attend weekly coaching sessions with their respective CLDE Consultant. Below are a few examples of topics covered during these opportunities:

  • Identification, Assessment, and Placement of Multilingual Learners
  • Instructional models and culturally relevant pedagogy for English Language Development and sheltered instruction
  • Classroom environment and the Conditions of Learning
  • Using the Teaching-Learning Cycle for the collection and evaluation of assessment data to drive planning and instruction
  • Effective co-teaching and co-planning models




Multilingual learners in Aurora Public Schools engage in core instruction and learning experiences focused on language development, provided by teachers, through both dedicated ELD and embedded ELD. The Alternative Language Program (ALP) is a visual representation explaining resources schools utilize during each instruction.



Student Advisory

  • TBD



Instructional Support Team (IST)

  • A resource person knowledgeable about English Language Development and pedagogy must be a part of IST.  This review process is required to determine if an assessment for special education services is needed.  The process also aids in determining if growth is being made and if student performance is reflective of expected patterns in English Language Development based on schooling and time in U.S. Schools.

School Leaders

  • School leaders (Principals and Assistant Principals) provide opportunities for advocating for equity and developing culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.  They monitor teachers and student data over time to provide effective feedback in meeting the needs of Multilingual Learners and use relevant data to plan for professional learning opportunities.