The Sora student reading app was designed around the modern student reading experience. It empowers students to discover and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from their school, for both leisure and class-assigned reading.

Inspired by educator and student feedback, Sora was created to excite kids about reading and remove distractions to promote a focus on learning.

Learning Resources can support teaching and leaning with Sora in a variety of ways:

Visit classrooms virtually or in person to train students on using Sora and its features

Research and suggest available titles to support your lesson objectives

Check availability of titles for student assignments

Assign titles to students

Provide helpsheets and video training for using Sora

Provide support and troubleshooting if students have questions or issues using Sora (through the classroom teacher)

Provide reports on student reading time (for assigned titles only)

Curate custom collections for your students

  • Sora is easily accessible for students and staff using their APS Google email address in Clever, and on any wifi connected device so users can have the same reading experience at home as at school.
  • Students can take notes, highlight passages, define words, and export their notes to their Google Drive, a PDF, or to their clipboard for pasting.
  • Ebooks and audiobooks can be assigned to students to support learning objectives - from single ebook student assignments, to whole grade or school assignments.
  • Students can customize their Sora reading with dyslexic and other fonts, larger text, and different background shades for easy on the eyes reading.
  • Students earn fun achievements in the app for completing common tasks such as checking out an ebook, reading from a specific genre, returning a title before its due date, and more.
  • Users can link to their public library account to have access to even more titles through Sora

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