Every APS student will have a set of SKILLS to implement their plan.

APS students will develop the academic, social-emotional and Colorado Essential Skills needed to implement their plans. Social emotional skills include those related to self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness and relationship skills. Colorado Essential Skills include those needed to be communicators, problem solvers, community members and empowered individuals.

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APS students will develop the following Colorado Essential Skills:

Critical Thinking (problem solving and global and cultural awareness)

  • I evaluate, weigh evidence and apply reasoned decision making to solve problems.

Collaboration (communication, interpersonal skills)

  • I work together with others, harnessing the power of teamwork. I understand the importance of influence to motivate others to get things accomplished.

Invention (creativity and innovation)

  • I use imagination, innovation and ingenuity to solve problems.

Information Literacy (find and use information and information technology)

  • I understand how to access and process changing information, updating my own thinking and processing.

Self-Direction (personal and civic responsibility, work ethic, financial literacy, resiliency, adaptability)

  • I take initiative. I am inquisitive, entrepreneurial and curious. I can persevere through challenging situations, take calculated risks and stand accountable for my actions. I continually advocate for my own needs as well as the needs of others.