APS & APD Guiding Principles

PURPOSE: The purpose of an APS/APD partnership is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of Aurora Public School students and staff by promoting a safe atmosphere in our community's schools, foster a positive relationship with our community's youth, and develop strategies to resolve problems affecting our school communities.


  1. School principals and staff are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. School Resource Officers (SROs) should recognize the authority of the principal and their designees as the leader and manager of the school campus.
  2. SRO's are not District employees and should not have access to student records except to the extent the law allows.
  3. Discipline of students is the exclusive purview of school administration and not SRO's. While SRO's should bring such issues to the attention of school administrators, SRO's would not intervene unless a criminal action has taken place or there is a threat to public safety that needs to be addressed.
  4. SROs are a resource and working with APS Security, should provide guidance and training to Principals and school staff on crisis management protocols and scenarios.
  5. It is the expectation that SRO's receive specialized training addressing the unique laws and circumstances present in the educational setting that non SRO police officers would not be familiar with and as such SRO's should assist in serving as liaisons with non SRO officers when dealing with criminal or public safety issues in the educational setting.
  6. SROs should focus on proactive violence prevention through early intervention.
  7. SROs can and should serve as an extension of the instructional program by teaching and giving presentations on law related education and other relevant topics
  8. When possible, prior to interviewing a student under the age of 18 as part of a criminal investigation, APD, working in conjunction with school administration will obtain consent from the parent/guardian.
  9. SRO's has the authority and obligation to intervene when criminal activity or a serious threat to the health and safety of the campus occurs. SRO decisions should be made in consultation with the principal or designee unless exigency exists, and the needs of public safety would not permit such consultation.
  10. SROs will develop positive working relationships with all members of the school community and can facilitate community meetings, serve as informal counselors, mentors and role models to students and work to empower our youth to be active citizens.