View the Security Department Organization Chart

  • The Aurora Public Schools security department has been working around the clock since 1975 to provide a safe environment for our staff, students, parents and visitors.
  • The APS security departments dispatch office provides 24 hours a- day, 365 days a year alarm monitoring and dispatches security officers, police and fire to assist at school sites when needed.
  • APS security officers are armed. APS security officers are trained to POST standards with their weapons through the Community College of Aurora's police academy staff. They are also trained by CCA police academy staff in arrest control, ASP, OC spray and simmunitions.
  • APS security officers can be easily recognized by their SUV's with the security department badge on the door.
  • APS security officers can also be recognized by their gray and black uniforms.
  • APS dispatchers and officers work holidays and school breaks.
  • APS security officers work during the school day as well as after-hours patrolling of the District.
  • The security department actively works to enhance the safety and security of staff and students at all our locations by:
    • Requiring all sites to have evacuation and lockdown plans.
    • Requiring all schools to conduct 2 fire drills in the first 2 weeks of school followed by an additional 8 fire drills throughout the school year with one of those being a hazmat spill drill. One Lockdown drill and one Secure Perimeter drill are required each year as well as one tornado drill per year as a minimum.
    • Conduct security/safety reviews at each site annually.
    • Facilitate a full scale functional drill and tabletop exercise yearly in conjunction with the Aurora Police and Fire departments and our Community Partners.
    • Distributes information to students, parents and staff on the Safe2tell hotline. , which provides students a safe and anonymous place to call and discuss concerns about school issues.
    • APS SafeNet is designed to help you anonymously and securely report via the computer anything that's scaring or endangering you, your friends or your family at school. You don't need to be afraid to fill out this online form. You never have to give your name if you don't want to. Submit your concern to SafeNet.
    • APS supports the Denver Metro Crime Stoppers Text a Tip program . Text to: 274637 (CRIMES) then title DMCS & enter your message.
    • The security department works closely with the Aurora Police Department and the School Resource Officers assigned to our campuses.
    • The security department works with sites to determine new camera placement.
    • The security department works with sites to ensure adequate two-way radio placement.
    • The security department provides background screening for all volunteers.
    • The security department provides safety and security training district wide.

The Aurora Public Schools security department appreciates your help looking out for our schools. As our neighbor within view of the schools, or as a member of the community living by a major student travel corridor, you can be a vital asset to the school district and community.

We ask you to report any suspicious activities on or around our campus. Call either the Aurora Police Department at 303-627-3100 or the Aurora Public schools security department at 303-367-3060. Remember to always dial 911 in an emergency.

By your efforts and quick response, you may be able enable the police or security department to prevent such crimes a burglary or vandalism during non-school hours. You can assist us in preventing or helping to respond to violence in our community or suspicious activity that might threaten our children.