Make sure to do the following:

  • Let your supervisor know immediately of the injury
  • Fill out the First Report of Injury immediately but no later than 24 hrs. after the injury. Either yourself or your supervisor may fill it out but you will need BOTH of your signatures on the form. Fill out the form completely and accurately as possible, so not to cause any delay in getting the correct care or Workers' Compensation benefits afforded to you.
    • If a nurse is available to look at your injury, you may go to them first before the doctor. They may be able to help with care and eliminate the need to go to a doctor.
  • If the doctor puts you on work restrictions and your employer can not accommodate your restrictions or the doctor takes you off of work until you are recovered, APS has the following options:
    1. Risk Management will work with your supervisor and/or department manager to look at alternative options available within the District where your restrictions can be safely accommodated.
    2. If Risk Management and your department is unable to accommodate your restrictions, Risk Management will place you on Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Workers' Compensation wage loss benefits. You will receive 66 & 2/3% of your established average weekly rate, tax free.
    3. If you are not able to work your entire shift, you will be placed on Temporary Partial Disability wage loss benefits. The difference in pay will be paid at 66 & 2/3% of your established average weekly rate, tax-free.
    4. Once you are released from care and placed at Maximum Medical Improvement, you are no longer entitled to any wage loss benefits. If you are provided any maintenance care, any time you miss from work for that maintenance care, will have be taken as personal leave.