The short answer is no.

Workers' Compensation Insurance will pay for medical care that is deemed medically necessary, related and reasonable. The medical services provided must be provided by an authorized workers' compensation provider. Your personal physician is NOT an authorized provider under the workers' compensation claim.

Lost wages are paid if it is determined by the authorized workers' compensation provider that the injured employee cannot work. Typically under the Statute, the first three shifts, or equivalent hours, missed are not paid. APS has established a program where the first three shifts, or equivalent hours, missed are paid by APS as work injury leave time.

If you miss more than three shifts, or equivalent hours, you will be placed on wage loss benefits under the claim and paid by our third party administrator at 66 and 2/3% of your average weekly wage, tax free.

If you have accrued, leave time and would like to use that to make up any difference in pay, please complete the Option B form and return it to Risk Management.

Should the unfortunate happen and an employee dies as a result of the work injury, funeral expenses are provided up to the limit established by the Statute.